as of 8/16/21




Do not enter studio lobby until staff member comes to get you!

  • Temperature Check!

  • Sanitize Hands!

  • Masks are highly recommended and encouraged during classes!

  • Masks must be worn in lobby if dancer has a break between classes and is not exiting the studio!



Please keep time in lobby to a minimum and remember to social distance from others! Do not enter unless it is your child’s class time.

  • Masks must be worn if you are staying in the lobby!

    • Our lobby counts as all non dancing areas past front doors!

  • Sanitize Hands!

  • Please do not congregate in groups, keep all pathways clear!

  • Children and siblings must be supervised at all times!

    • If children or siblings are running around, you will be kindly asked to wait in the shopping center common area.


If lobby becomes too packed or rules are not being followed, we will have to shut down the lobby until further notice.



Please be kind, respectful, and remember we are doing the best we can to ensure the safety of our dancers! By following the procedures set in place, we can minimize possible exposure to COVID and stay open!


Thank you! -OPDC Staff

****Regular daily cleaning and frequent sanitizing during each open hours will occur.

****Disposable masks are provided at entry of front door if needed.

****Hand sanitizer is provided in multiple places through out the studio.


as of 5/17/21

Updates to procedures/policy…

Due to how close recital is we will be keeping all studio wide capacity, social distancing, and cleaning/sanitation protocols in place until recital day.


What we have been doing has been working! Let's keep it up!


As far as the mask mandate goes, we will be going back to what we were doing at the beginning of the season before the mask mandate. Which is: we will be requiring staff to wear a mask for when in close proximity of a student (check in, spotting for acro, making physical corrections on alignment). We highly recommend that masks be worn by dancers over age 5 but it will not be required at this time as the NC mandate states masks are not mandatory. if a student has allergy symptoms we do ask them to wear a mask for extra precaution. As always we have disposable masks at the check in station for anyone needing one.


as of 4/30/21

Before Class…

Enter through the correct door for your class and go straight to that dance room’s area designated for your belongings. Hang bags and place outside shoes underneath.

Bring water bottles and appropriate dance shoes in the dance room with you.

Use hand sanitizer and remain on marked spots until teacher invites you in.

Please use hand sanitizer upon re-entering if you have to exit to dance room.

When leaving, gather belongings and make sure to use hand sanitizer before you go!

Things To Know…

Temperature will be taken by an OPDC staff member wearing a mask, anyone with a fever or displaying symptoms of sickness will be sent home.

Masks are required for ages 5+ under the current Executive Order. Should the mask requirement change, we will update our policies.

Dancers will have their own spots in the classroom and must follow all social distancing rules laid out by On Pointe Dance Center. Hands to yourself :-)

If you sneeze or cough, please do so in your elbow then sanitize.

What is OPDC doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

All high touch surfaces, bathrooms, equipment, and floors are sanitized with CDC recommended cleaners each day.

We have done the NC Count On Me Cleaning Certification Program.

We have added air filtration systems to all dance rooms and each lobby!

There are multiple sanitizing stations throughout the studio.

All props used will be disinfected after each use.

If ballet barres are used, there will be no more than two to a barre to ensure proper distancing and it will be sanitized before the next class.

Our water fountain is out of order for the time being. Bring water!

High touch surfaces will be sanitized multiple times during the daY.

Only acro equipment that can be sanitized will be used.