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Competition Team Program
Dancers Age 5+ (by audition/placement)

On Pointe Dance Center has two competition teams: Purple Team & Teal Team.

The Purple Team is a recreational level Pre-Competition Team with a lot less commitments than the Teal Team. The Teal Team is our Intermediate/Advanced Competition Team that has stricter commitments, more class requirements, and travels more often.

Purple Competition Team (Ages 5-11)

Fall Schedule Only

Teal Competition Team (Ages 9+)

Summer Requirements

*Class totals can be broken up in Session 1 and/or 2*

OPDC Intensive Attendance

Ballet Class (3 total)

Acro Class (3 total or 1 workshop)

Any Style of Choice (3 total...can be different styles each class)

Strength/Conditioning Class (3 total for Ages 10+ only)

Jumps/Leaps/Turns Class (3 total for Ages 9)

**To be considered for a solo, duet, or trio, ALL summer requirements must be completed. No exceptions!*

Ready for the competitive side of dance? Our Teal Team competes a production with all teal team members and is broken up into four smaller teams with specialty mixed groups, trios, duets, solos. Auditions are closed and will include a technique section, jazz/musical theatre combo, and lyrical/contemporary combo. Ages 9-12 from 10am-11:45am. Anyone wishing to be considered for a solo should be prepared to stay after until 12:15pm. Ages 13+ from 12:30pm-2:15pm. Anyone wishing to be considered for a solo should be prepared to stay after until 2:45pm. Dancers should wear proper attire, hair pulled back neatly and bring needed shoes and a water bottle. Auditioning for our Teal Team does not secure spot and spots are given based off technique, performance qualities, attitude, behavior, attendance, and lastly age. If dancer is offered a spot on the Teal Team, they must attend the OPDC Intensive and there will be a mandatory Production Choreography Day on Saturday August 26th from 10am-3pm. Teal Team practices do include weekends with four regional competitions and one nationals. For someone looking for less commitment, consider auditioning for one of our Purple Teams. E-mail the studio for any questions regarding requirements for either team.

To submit an application for one of our Recreational Purple Teams (Little Skittles, Mini Starbursts, or Sweet Petites) please register online. Applications will be accepted until July 15th and then approval/waitlist e-mails will be sent out the following week. Applicants will have one week to accept their spot before their spot is given to the next dancer on the waitlist. Applications will be sorted by experience, technique level, previous class attendance, behavior/attitude, ages, and if they are a returning member from the previous year. OPDC decides all placements best for the dancer, placements can not be requested. Spots are limited! Submitted applications do not guarantee spots and once spots are filled a waitlist will be formed. All three teams are required for the fall season to take at minimum: one weekly ballet class for their age group and their weekly team rehearsal class. They are highly encouraged to take a weekly Acro class and/or another weekly technique class. No summer requirements.

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