Pre School Ballet

      Pre Ballet, Ballet 1,       Ballet 2, and Ballet 3

Any color leotard, tights, and ballet pink shoes.


Teen Ballet, Int./Adv. Ballet, Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Black leotard, ballet pink tights, and ballet pink shoes. Black shorts & black skirts are allowed.


Pre School Acro

and all

Acro Dance Classes

Leotard and shorts or tight fitting leggings and tank top. If tights are worn, they must be footless. No shoes.

Everything Else!

Any type of dance clothing or athletic clothing that is fitted and allows the instructors to see the lines of the body. This allows  them to give proper corrections on alignment and placement.

Detailed shoe list is available at OPDC.

Most shoe styles are available for purchase in the lobby.

Please wait to purchase shoes until it is certain that your dancer is in the proper class, as most dance stores do not accept returns or exchanges.
**Pointe shoes are NOT to be purchased or worn until  students are approved by Miss Jenn.